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Viru Õlu now in Facebook Print
Monday, 15 March 2010 00:00

Viru Õlu fan page is created to get feedback from our beer and soft drink consumers, to share news about our products and give information about price campaigns.

Test of Christmas Beers Print
Saturday, 05 December 2009 00:00

In Estonian Embassy in Finland, Estonian Christmas beers were tried and evaluated by Finnish beer experts.

Estonian beer has been interesting for the Finnish for a long time already, comments Estonian embassador's husband Arne Pajula, that is why a community called Olutsilta (Beer Bridge) was formed in 2000. It's goal is to introduce Estonian and other Baltics beers in Finland.

Test of dark beers in magazine 'Naised' ('Women') Print
Saturday, 05 December 2009 00:00

In the magazine 'Naised' ('Women') a test of dark beers was published on the 4th of December. During the test, they tried 10 different dark beers that were sold in Estonian supermarkets and chose favourites out of these ten. Test included porters, classical dark beers and flavoured dark beers. Out of the ten beers that were tested, all together four were from Viru Õlu assortment: Jõululegend (Christmas Legend), Jõulusokk, Wiru Dark and Jäger Beer. The winner of the test was Puls Jõululegend (Christmas Legend), which is well known on the market for many winters.

Estonian best alcoholic drink 2009 - Wiru Juniper Beer Print
Thursday, 30 April 2009 00:00

Wiru Kadakaõlu is nominated the title of The Best Alcoholic Drink in Estonia in 2009 by the Association of Estonian Food Industry.

Wiru Juniper Beer has born from the old tradition of islands and coast areas to add juniper to beer to get special flavour. For centuries, Virumaa's coasts have offered natural possibilites to prepare juniper beer. Slight juniper smell and taste in Wiru Juniper Beer make it a manly sauna drink which is suitable to be enjoyed in many other occasions also.

TEST: Alkoholivabadest õlledest eelistati eestimaist Print
Friday, 19 December 2008 00:00
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Võitis Frederik

Nagu ikka, oli arvamusi seinast seina, kuid väga suuri erinevusi naiste ja meeste maitsemeele vahel ei olnud. Kui naiste puhul oli Frederiki ülekaal mäekõrgune, siis meestele meeldis testitud õllede hulgast ka tume Puls.

Ei usu, et siin oli tegemist kolkapatriotismiga, küllap olid mängus ikka muud tegurid. Kuid fakt on see, et Frederik kogus maksimaalsest 27 punktist 23.

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