Estonian best alcoholic drink 2009 - Wiru Juniper Beer Print

Wiru Kadakaõlu is nominated the title of The Best Alcoholic Drink in Estonia in 2009 by the Association of Estonian Food Industry.

Wiru Juniper Beer has born from the old tradition of islands and coast areas to add juniper to beer to get special flavour. For centuries, Virumaa's coasts have offered natural possibilites to prepare juniper beer. Slight juniper smell and taste in Wiru Juniper Beer make it a manly sauna drink which is suitable to be enjoyed in many other occasions also.


"During the last couple of years, our priority has been to improve the flavours of our beers. Good sales number show that consumers are appreciating our efforts. Winning in the category of alcoholic drinks shows that Viru Õlu is capable to produce high quality beers," commented Viru Õlu Member of the Board Piret Sauter.

Viru Õlu produces Wiru Juniper Beer since May 2008. Juniper Beer is available in all the biggest retail chains.